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Nathalie: Homepage

Ich bin echt beeindruckt.

Die neue Homepage sieht super aus.

Hast du sehr gut hinbekommen. Ich bin stolz auf dich und dein Talent!


Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Szewon: Nice Art

Very nice work and you are welcomed to visit our art workshop in Beijing



Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Toshihiro Tanaka: First Visitation

Hi Mr. Konietzny San,

Good dog painting by airbrish.

Can you help to paint my Spicymama and I will send you the photo later.




Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Pansy Chan: New website

Hello Adrian,

Good to see you have a wonderful website in showing your great works!

Pls help to paint our Billy B when you have time! :-)

Pansy !



Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Samuel: Congratulation

Hi Adrian ,

Congratulation for your new website !

It is really fantanstic to have chance in reviewing all your paintings at one shot. I esepcially like your Kids and dog portriats as their eyes are so vivid and can catch up the emotional of the objects

Thanks to post our lovely chinese princess and snow white dog in your website. 

Hoping that you can have chance to paint for us again!






Mittwoch, 22. August 2012


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